23.09: Practice time!

Match the beginning (1-6) and ending (a-f) of the sentences.

  1. He may seem a bit excentric, but don't be put

  2. Paying for your children's private lessons will eventually pay

  3. If you want to have a good atmosphere at work, be helpful and loyal and don't put

  4. As a new employee, you should never pass

  5. I've always looked

  6. Can I speak to the person who looks

  7. up to him – he's my financial guru.

  8. off by that, as he's a really nice guy.

  9. off when you see their good results at exams.

  10. after marketing in your company?

  11. down your colleagues.

  12. on the chance to display your skills and abilities.


  1. b)
  2. c)
  3. e)
  4. f)
  5. a)
  6. d)
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