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The phrasal verbs in this text are mixed up. Read the text and put them in the correct places. Remember to change their form if necessary.

A few months ago our company employed a new worker. Unfortunately, although he is a highly-skilled specialist, his everyday behaviour leaves much to be desired. It is not infrequent that he (1) _ makes _ somebody _ out _ – maybe not out of spite, but nobody likes to be laughed at, do they? I just can't (2) _ put down _ why he does that – maybe he tries to be funny or something. Honestly, his behaviour (3) _ pays _ me _ off _ him. In my opinion, the atmosphere in the office has deteriorated a lot recently. As it turns out, employing a valuable worker doesn't always (4) _ put off _.


  1. puts … down
  2. make out
  3. puts … off
  4. pay off
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