17.06: Practice time!

The phrasal verbs in this text are mixed up. Read the text and put them in the correct places. Remember to change their form if necessary.

Being underappreciated at work is really unpleasant. I was in that situation two years ago, in my previous company. Me and my colleague worked on a very difficult project for several months and I was really devoted to it. Our hard work resulted in a huge success.

However, when it came to assessment, it was my colleague who gained all the appreciation! Her promotion was a (1) _ get away _ of our success, and I was omitted. I felt terrible. I tried to explain to the manager that we had been working on that together, but with no result. I just had to (2) _ follow-up _ the fact that I wasn't going to be noticed.

I was so upset that I decided to (3) _ get on _ of that company as soon as I could – which I did 3 months later. Now I'm (4) _ facing up to _ in another company, in a slightly different field, but I really like it. It was certainly a change for the better!


  1. follow-up
  2. face up to
  3. get away
  4. getting on
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