11.03: Practice time!

The phrasal verbs in this text are mixed up. Read the text and put them in the correct places. Remember to change their form if necessary.

My son is ill so unfortunately I'll (1) _ be up to _ work the whole week. It's not really good as I noticed that almost every time I'm absent, my team seem to implement some changes and make new decisions and they just 'forget' to inform me about them. So when I come back, I never know what they (2) _ break down _ currently! As you may guess, it only (3) _ is off _ trouble. Like for example two months ago, when they (4) _ brought about _ our tasks for the new project into four different stages and after I came back, I didn't know what to focus on. I wish they would stop doing that!


  1. be off
  2. are up to
  3. brings about
  4. broke down
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