11.11: Practice time!

Match the beginnings (1-6) and endings (a-f) of the sentences.

  1. I can't believe she turned

  2. Why don't you try

  3. Can you imagine? Sandra has taken

  4. My parents used to tell me

  5. Can you turn

  6. 'What's that smell in the kitchen?' 'Mum's trying

  7. off for not tidying up my room.

  8. out a new recipe.'

  9. down that job offer after being unemployed for months!

  10. up skiing recently.

  11. on the TV? My favourite program starts in a minute.

  12. that dress on? I think it'll look great on you.


  1. c)
  2. f)
  3. d)
  4. a)
  5. e)
  6. b)
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