Like – lubić, lajk i co jeszcze?

Watch the video and repeat the examples with like in comparisons (4:23 – 6:02).

1. How would you describe these things? Make comparisons with like.

  • your first date
  • your first job
  • studying English
  • tai chi

2. What would you say in these situations? Make questions with What … like?.

  • You want to ask your friend about your new boyfriend. 
  • You want to ask your colleague about his new house. 
  • You want to ask your friend about a new clothes store. 
  • You want to ask your child about his/her Maths teacher. 

3. Say sentences about these things, using I like or I don’t like:  

  • your neighbour
  • your hair
  • your friend’s car
  • Robert Lewandowski 
  • today’s weather
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