#gamechanger bonus week 26

Lekcja bonusowa: Siła życzliwości z Houston Kraft

Teraz, gdy już znasz kluczowe słownictwo, zapraszam Cię do obejrzenia poniższego filmu z Houston Kraftem. Houston Kraft jest mówcą i autorem książki “Deep Kindness”. W swoim wystąpieniu porusza tematykę głębokiej życzliwości i jej znaczenia w naszym życiu.

After watching the video, answer the following questions:

  1. What do you think about what Houston Kraft said?
  2. Are we too self-obsessed?
  3. Is it difficult to be kind? Why or why not?


After watching the video, reflect on Houston Kraft’s words. What conclusions can you draw from his talk? Do you agree with his thoughts on kindness? How can we bring more kindness into our everyday lives? Write down your thoughts.


Empathy and kindness are qualities that have a huge impact on our relationships and quality of life. By understanding and practising these values, we can create a more supportive and harmonious society. Remember, small acts of kindness can lead to significant changes.