Meh – co to jest?

Before you watch the video try to answer below questions.

How can you express disgust?

  1. Duh!
  2. Ew!
  3. Whoa!
  4. Aha!

How can you express impression/surprise?

  1. Yuck!
  2. Oop!
  3. Whoa!
  4. Yay!

How can you express emotion?

  1. Uh-oh!
  2. Ugh!
  3. Meh
  4. Aww!

How can you express relief?

  1. Ouch!
  2. Duh!
  3. Ow!
  4. Phew!

Which of the above ‘words’ could you use in these situations:

  1. Someone accidentally stepped on your foot.
  2. You’ve finally found your mobile which you’ve been looking for all morning.
  3. You can suddenly smell something horrible.
  4. Your partner says that you’re going on holiday to Italy next week.

Now watch the video and check your answers.

Arlena Witt