Planer Tasks

Udało się!

Jeśli to czytasz, to znaczy, że skanowanie kodów QR działa na Twoim telefonie!

Pięta Achillesowa

Niektóre idiomy można przetłumaczyć dosłownie z polskiego na angielski. Dziś nauczysz się: Pięta Achillesowa Posłuchaj nagrania, powtórz idiom na głos kilka razy, a następnie uzupełnij zdanie. Physics was my …………………………………. at school. No matter how hard I tried, I never got good marks. And what is your A_ _ _ _ _ es’ h_ _ … Czytaj dalej

Say It Out Loud!

Now open the audio file. The schwa is a very popular sound, it sounds like this: /ə/. All letters in bold in the sentence below are pronounced as a schwa. Let’s practise together: The customer wants to speak to the senior manager.

Meh – co to jest?

Before you watch the video try to answer below questions. Now watch the video and check your answers.

Leaving voice messages

Voice messages can be hard–on both sides. Most of the time the difficulty comes from recording your voice and the feeling your potential errors will be analyzed. There are however certain tips for making voice messages easier for you. Please watch our presentation and then decide, which of the following is true: voice messages are … Czytaj dalej