Wielokrotny wybór

Wybierz odpowiedź ze słowem, które pasuje do zdania.

1. If you don’t have your own car, _____________ a train ride might be a good option.
a) travelling b) driving c) taking d) making

2. You’ve been absent for 4 months ________________ to the records.
a) checking b) looking c) reporting d) according

3. We normally pay little attention to ____________ objects we use everyday.
a) often b) common c) regularly d) universal

4. The research ___________ that Tijuana is the most dangerous city in the world.
a) saw b) observed c) answered d) found

Reveal answer

1. c – TAKE A TRAIN to kolokacja
2. d – ACCORDING TO oznacza „według”
3. b – COMMON oznacza „zwykły”
4. d – jednym ze znaczeń FIND jest „ustalić”, „udowodnić”, „ujawnić”

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