2.12: Practice time!

The phrasal verbs in this text are mixed up. Read the text and put them in the correct places. Remember to change their form if necessary.

Tomorrow we're having a very important meeting at work – some delegates are coming from a major furniture manufacturer to discuss a possible contract. Everything is already (1) _ set off _ in the conference room – the furniture, the equipment, documents and reports… We are really stressed as signing the contract would be a great opportunity for our firm. Therefore, we cannot (2) _ set up _ and just wait for the delegates – we have to be alert in case any unexpected problem (3) _ stands by _. At the moment, for example, the door of the room is locked, and when it is opened, it will (4) _ show up _ an alarm. This is to ensure that nobody unauthorized will enter the room.


  1. set up
  2. stand by
  3. shows up
  4. set off
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