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Uzupełnij zdanie jednym wyrazem.

1. This recording contains language ____________ some people might find offensive.
2. This is the first time he’s going to Paris ___________ 20 years.
3. Is the milk still good or has it _________ bad?
4. I wanted to keep __________ touch, but every time I called her she didn’t pick up.
5. The company was _________ of the leading Detroit car manufacturers in the 1950s.
6. They went inside the building in __________ of all the „no trespassing” signs.

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Odpowiedzi i wyjaśnienia:
1. which
2. in – IN oznacza „za (jakiś czas)”
3. gone – GO BAD to „zepsuć się” gdy mówimy o jedzeniu
4. in – KEEP IN TOUCH znaczy „pozostać w kontakcie”
5. one
6. spite – IN SPITE OF oznacza „pomimo”

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