22.12: Practice time!

Match the beginnings (1-10) and endings (a-j) of the questions and then answer them.

  1. When was the last time you felt you couldn't keep

  2. What kind of things do you look

  3. Can you think of 3 things that are expensive but will pay

  4. Do you sometimes try to run

  5. Do you usually manage to bring

  6. When was the last time you fell

  7. What do you usually do when you want to follow

  8. Is it good for children to grow

  9. When you have a task to do, do you usually get

  10. Have you ever tried to give

  11. after in your job?

  12. people round to your point of view?

  13. up with somebody/something? What did you do?

  14. up a habit? Were you successful?

  15. away form a problem? When was the last time?

  16. up in a big city? Why (not)?

  17. down to it immediately, or try to put it off?

  18. up a subject?

  19. off in the long run?

  20. out with your husband / boyfriend / parents? What happened?


  1. c)
  2. a)
  3. i)
  4. e)
  5. b)
  6. j)
  7. h)
  8. f)
  9. g)
  10. d)
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