ING and ED Adjectives – How to use them correctly

Choose the correct option

  1. Last night’s storm made me really frightening / frightened.
  2. That whole situation was a bit confusing / confused to me.
  3. I found this book really interesting / interested.
  4. Jim is a really boring / bored person, isn’t he? There’s nothing to talk about with him.
  5. I was amusing / amused watching the kids play in the garden.
  6. She was so exciting / excited when she was talking about her new job.
  7. Oh, this weather is so annoying / annoyed. It’s been raining for hours!

Extra task below the video.

Extra task

  1. What’s the most satisfying thing about your job?
  2. Who’s the most annoying person you know? Why is he / she so annoying?
  3. What sports are you interested in?
  4. Are you frightened of heights / spiders / clowns? Do you know anyone who is?
  5. What’s the most fascinating city you’ve ever visited?
  6. When did you last feel excited about something?

Reveal answer

  1. frightened
  2. confusing
  3. interesting
  4. boring
  5. amused
  6. excited
  7. annoying
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