19.08: Practice time!

Match the beginning (1-7) and ending (a-g) of the sentences.

  1. I wonder what's going on – the oven is giving

  2. Nina was brought

  3. Have you heard about Josh? He came

  4. The cottage really needs to be done

  5. We've been looking

  6. Do you want me to pick

  7. We've learnt some new words today, so let's put

  8. you up at the airport?

  9. into a lot of money when his uncle died.

  10. off a strange smell.

  11. them down in your notebooks.

  12. up by her grandparents.

  13. forward to this wedding for weeks.

  14. up, but it's in a perfect location, so we decided to buy it.


  1. c)
  2. e)
  3. b)
  4. g)
  5. f)
  6. a)
  7. d)
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