Weed, pot, cannabis, 4-20

Task 1

Watch the film and decide if the sentences are true or false.

  1. The most popular word for marijuana is grass.
  2. The noun weed can be both countable and uncountable.
  3. The English word marijuana has 4 syllables.
  4. 4th April is the day when we celebrate cigarettes.
  5. 4-20 is associated with pot because it’s the best time of the day to smoke a joint.

Task 2

Answer the questions.

  1. Do you think marijuana should be legal or illegal? Why?
  2. Have you ever smoked a joint? How did you feel?
  3. Has anybody ever offered you marijuana? What did you say/do? Why?
  4. Which countries is weed legal in? 

Reveal answer


  1. false
  2. true
  3. true
  4. false
  5. false
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