Task 5

Learn English with film stars

Colin Firth

a) I had sat in trousers and a ….. shirt and a blue sash. (jedwabny)

b) It had been a really quite wonderful but not entirely ……… period shooting
the King’s Speech. (błogi, spokojny)

c) I think you’d have to be ……. to want to be still want to be royal after watching
this film. (szalony)

d) It’s something that’s a bit hard to ……. when you study the English (…)
(pojąć, zrozumieć)

e) This is partly why I’m George VI appeals to me he’s considered a bit of a
……. in history. (przypis)

Reveal answer

1. a) silk b) serene c) insane d) fathom e) footnote

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