4.03: Practice time!

Match the beginning (1-8) and ending (a-h) of the sentences.

  1. The loss of a steady income brought
  2. This is the first time we’ve come
  3. If you’re out of breath climbing stairs, you should cut
  4. After their mother died, the children were brought
  5. I always fall
  6. Nothing can bring
  7. Nadia used to be my best friend, but now we fall
  8. Before we start the journey, you should do

a) back the past.
b) across such a strange situation.
c) for the wrong men.
d) out with each other more and more often.
e) about painful changes in our lives.
f) up your seat belt.
g) up by their aunt.
h) down on your smoking.


  1. e)
  2. b)
  3. h)
  4. g)
  5. c)
  6. a)
  7. d)
  8. f)
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