How to talk about WEATHER in English

Watch the video and put these words and phrases describing the weather into the correct categories.

overcast, hail, a blistering sun, clear, gloomy, scorching, to bucket down, sleet, frosty, sweltering, chilly, foggy, sunshine, downpour, boiling, showers, freezing, cool, drizzle, it’s pouring, gale, bright, blizzard

  • Temperature:
  • Rain/snow:
  • Sun:
  • Other:

Extra task below the video

Extra task

  • What’s the weather usually like in different seasons in your country?
  • What kind of weather do you like most? What do you like doing in this kind of weather? 
  • When was the last time you were frozen to the bone? 
  • When was the last time you were soaked through? 
  • What kind of weather do you think is the best and the worst for:
    • camping
    • driving
    • sightseeing
    • shopping

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