30.12: Practice time!

Match the beginning (1-10) and ending (a-j) of the questions and then answer them.

  1. Have you ever tried to give

  2. Have you ever forgotten to turn your mobile

  3. When was the last time you looked

  4. Do you sometimes find it difficult to make

  5. If somebody fainted, would you know how to bring

  6. Do you know anybody who often cuts

  7. Do you often fall

  8. Can you think of 3 places where we have to fill

  9. When was the last time you decided to follow

  10. Do you know anybody who often freaks

  11. out what people are saying?

  12. up smoking? Were you successful?

  13. them round?

  14. out? Why do they do it?

  15. in people's conversations?

  16. up a subject? What was it?

  17. off at the cinema?

  18. in a form?

  19. out with people? Who?

  20. for something? Where did you find it?


  1. b)
  2. g)
  3. j)
  4. a)
  5. c)
  6. e)
  7. i)
  8. h)
  9. f)
  10. d)
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