Echo questions

Zareaguj na te informacje i pytania swoim pytaniem.

Your mum: I’m coming over tomorrow!
You: ______________________________________?

A cashier: I’m sorry. The card reader is broken. Could you pay in cash?
You: _______________________?…. One moment, I’ll see if I have some change.

Your friend: Guess what, I just bought a hedgehog!
You: ________________________?
Your friend: Yes! You can have it as a pet. And it’s super cute! You should come over and see!

You: How much did you pay for this bag?
Your friend: Well, it was 1,000$…
You: _____________________________?

Reveal answer

  1. You’re coming over tomorrow?, You’re coming over when?, You’re doing what?
  2. Could I pay in cash?
  3. You bought a what?, You bought a hedgehog?, You did what?
  4. It was how much?, It was $1,000?
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