9.06: Practice time!

The phrasal verbs in this text are mixed up. Read the text and put them in the correct places. Remember to change their form if necessary.

About two weeks ago I found a mysterious envelope on my desk in the office. I was really curious and wanted to (1) _ fill in for _ what was inside, so I opened it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I couldn't (2) _ find out _what it was saying, as it was written in a really filthy handwriting. However, after several attempts I finally managed to decipher it. It was a note saying that I was the first one to (3) _ figure out _Mark one day. I was delighted because Mark is a production manager, so it would obviously mean a promotion! But the problem is, I don't really know who left the note and why…


  1. find out
  2. figure out
  3. fill in for
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