4 secrets to speaking quickly and fluently – connected speech

Watch the video and practise the examples of connected speech:

  • catenation / linking: an apple, it isn’t
  • intrusion: We all play out. I go out to open the window.
  • elision: next door, most common
  • assimilation: meet you, did you

How do you say the following phrases and sentences? Remember about the aspects of connected speech.

a) linking:

  • Is it ok.?
  • I’m afraid of spiders.
  • Can I use it?
  • Take a look at it.
  • watch a film
  • That’s a good idea!

b) intrusion:

  • do it
  • Do me a favour.
  • See you on Monday.
  • go ahead
  • tell me again
  • go abroad

c) elision:

  • next time
  • want to
  • do it together
  • what time
  • Let’s meet tomorrow.

d) assimilation:

  • could you
  • would you
  • don’t you
  • I want you
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